Wood Rot

Don't Ignore It!

Pictures above are of a house before wood rot repairs.

For wood damage, the fix is cheap and easy- IF you catch it early.

Look throughout the interior and exterior, high, middle, and low all around for signs of the early stages of damage. Fix the problems when they first appear; while they are relatively minor.

It’s certain that untreated wood rot will get worse, and thus more costly with any of the following: paneling, trim, fascia-gutter joints, window frames exterior and interior, masonry, car port and lanai posts rotting at the bottoms, attic wood damage, exterior roof shoulder and peak beams, interior termite damage.

If constant water soaks beam ends, or any wood structure, it’s an invitation for flying termites or carpenter bees. Severe wood damage can leave openings for centipedes, ants, mosquitoes, and rats!

There are two kinds of rot which affect wood and timbers; dry and wet rot. Dry rot is the result of the infestation of a living fungus.

Wet rot is the decay of timber in the presence of high levels of moisture. Dry rot is far more serious. It's usually treated by the removal of all infected wood. Wet rot is treated depending on the severity and placement of the rot; a simple applications of water-repellent finishes may stop the rot, or the entire section may need to be replaced. In all cases of wet rot, the source of the moisture must be eliminated to prevent further issues.

Picture of House after wood rot repairs by Aim high residential services llc

The owners of this house felt helpless and did not know where to start. We helped them restore their home for long term durability, predictability and beauty.

The house was inspected for wood rot, all the rot was removed. We used Hardy Plank siding to replace the old rotted siding, Sherwin Williams paint to paint the house, PVC trim to replace the rotted trim, treated wood to replace where needed.

Our expert painters have it the final touches by caulking and sealing where needed then painting it to more contemporary colors.

Aim High Residential Services is here to help you restore your home to its original beauty and give you peace of mind.