Solid vinyl core Floor Design and installation

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Do you want the beauty and durability of real hardwood flooring at a significantly lower cost?

You have access to a diverse choice of solid vinyl core flooring. Solid vinyl core is available in a wide range of styles, designs, patterns and colors to complement and enhance any new or existing interior design plan. Solid vinyl core is waterproof and typically has a manufacturer lifetime warranty.

Modern solid vinyl core flooring can precisely replicate the appearance of a great many of different domestic and exotic natural hardwoods.

The surface layer of the luxury vinyl flooring will protects the floor from spills and stains. This benefit makes cleaning and regular care fast and easy, with just vacuuming or sweeping to remove dirt and grit that might otherwise erode the floors surface layer over time.

The simpler installation of laminate ‘click-together’ flooring is an important benefit. New innovations in the manufacturing of today’s new laminate have made it so easy that you won’t need to use adhesive to adhere it to the sub-floor. All you need to do is put down an underlayment sheet, and then snap the planks or tiles into each other. An entire room can generally be completed in just one or two days.

Solid vinyl core floors can be installed anywhere

Which makes it a good choice for all grades installations level, above or below ground. Here are some more important benefits:

● Resistance - it is resistant to outdoor elements that can cause discolor of other types of flooring. Laminate has a surface layer that protects against smudges and stains making it an ideal flooring material for use in entryways and hallways. It also won’t fade from the UV rays in sunlight.

● Better Family Health – Being naturally resistant to fungus, molds and bacteria makes it a healthy choice for families. It can also be allergen resistant with coatings.